Suicide Squad (Full Review)

Batman v Superman left many of us with a bad taste in our mouths. Not because it was glaringly awful, but because it was wildly disappointing considering how good it could’ve been and considering how good we wanted it to be. But because we love superhero movies (more than the films critics who wish the […]

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Focus (Full Review)

Apparently, it’s very important not to lose focus when you’re a con artist. It’s also probably a good idea not to lose focus when making a movie about con artists. Unfortunately, Focus, written and directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa is actually a movie that fails to do what its title suggests… which is […]

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June Movie Recap

  After Earth I was initially excited about this movie. Who didn’t get goosebumps during Will Smith’s quote about danger being real, but fear being a choice? Then I saw M. Night Shyamalan’s name (Signs, The Last Airbender, The Happening). Saying I don’t like Shyamalan is like saying Fox News doesn’t like Democrats. The movie […]

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