The Peanuts Movie (Full Review)

Few cartoons or comic strips have ever been more endearing than Peanuts. Originally created by Charles M. Shultz, these cartoons have been a staple for family fun and holiday entertainment for 65 years. It only seems right to bring loveable loser Charlie Brown and his imaginative, eclectic canine pal, Snoopy to the big screen. The […]

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007: Spectre (Full Review)

It’s hard to follow up a classic. The Dark Knight Rises was never going to be as good as The Dark Knight, and if you didn’t accept that going in, then you were probably setting yourself up for disappointment. The James Bond franchise spans over 50 years and 24 films. 2012’s Skyfall might’ve been one […]

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Crimson Peak (Full Review)

It’s always good to correctly market your movie. I, and most people, went into Focus thinking it was a high stakes thriller about gambling. And it was, for about 45 minutes before it turned into a romantic cat and mouse game between its attractive leads. The movie ended up being decent, but slightly unsatisfying because it didn’t give audiences […]

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Black Mass/The Walk Quick Reviews

BLACK MASS Scott Cooper (Out of the Furnace) helms this biographical film about South Boston criminal Whitey Bulger and his time as an informant for the FBI in the late 1970’s. The film features an all star cast that includes Benedict Cumberbatch, Joel Edgerton, Kevin Bacon, Dakota Johnson, and Peter Sarsgaard. Professional changeling Johnny Depp goes bald, puts in […]

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Pan (Full Review)

Anyone who casually follows my blog is probably aware of my love/hate relationship with sequels or spin offs. It’s a simple concept: If a sequel is made with an interesting story that furthers the arc of the previous film’s characters and presents them with new challenges, then I’m all for it. But, if a sequel […]

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The Martian Review

Ridley Scott brought us such cinematic classics as The Gladiator and Blade Runner, but lately, it seems the famed director has lost his touch. Prometheus was underwhelming, The Counselor was a flat out mess, and just thinking about last winter’s Exodus: Gods and Kings sends me into a world of frustration. Simply put… Ridley Scott, […]

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Fatal Attractio… Obsesse… Temptatio… Addicte… Boy Next Do… I mean, The Perfect Guy Review

Seriously…. how many movies are they going to make where a passionate lover turns out to be a murderous psychopath? They’re not even spacing them out well enough to make audiences forget they’re recycling the same concept. And, apparently, based on this newest incarnation they’re only getting worse. Let’s try to keep this short and […]

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August 2015 Quick Reviews

It’s that time of year again. When schools are back in session and football season begins. It’s the end of summer, and with that comes the inevitable hiatus of movie going. Luckily I’m still here to provide you with a few reviews for those films you’ll more than likely only be interested in while visiting […]

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Straight Outta Compton (Full Review)

Back in January, in my review of Selma, I talked about my love/hate relationship with biopics. These films, no matter how relevant, have to rely on strong performances and good direction to avoid being tedious. A great performance by David Oyelowo and strong direction by Ava DuVerney helped Selma overcome its preachy tone. Straight Outta […]

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